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    MP15,MP25,MP35,MP45 and MP60

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      Chemical Name: Copolymer of Vinyl Chloride and Vinyl Isobutyl Ether

      Poly(vinyl chloride-co-isobutyl vinyl ether)

      Molecular Formula: (C2H3CL)M.(C6H12O)N

      Structural Formula:

      Molecular Weight: 162.66

      CAS No.: 25154-85-2

      Properties: Nontoxic, odorless, white fine powder. Excellent anti-saponification properties. The highly stable binding force of the chlorine atoms in the molecular chain makes its products endowed with water-resistant and high anti-corrosive performance to acid, base and salt.

      Excellents solubility: It has excellent solubility in ester and aromatic solvent.

      Good stability: The manufactures made of MP have aging-, yellowing-, pulverizing-, hydrolyzing-, weathering-,corrosion-,light-,acid mist-resistance and other excellent performances as well as good heat stability. Excellent adhesion: It has good adhesive force on various base materials.

      Quality Index:

    White Powder
    Volatile(%) #FormatImgID_0#
    Apparent density(g/ml)

      Product Types:

      MP15:Viscosity 15Z3mpa.s; MP25:Viscosity 24Z4mpa.s

      MP35:Viscosity 35Z5mpa.s; MP45:Viscosity 45Z8mpa.s

      MP60:Viscosity 60Z10mpa.s

      Uses: It is used as the base material of industrial heavy-duty anticorrosive coatings and highly anticorrosive coating under marine circumstance, and as a gravure printing ink binder.

      Storage and Transporation: Squeezing, heat source and humid environment shall be avoided.

      Package: Packed in kraft paper bags,20Kg/bag.